Foreclosures in Riverside NJ

Are you looking for foreclosures in Riverside NJ? Perhaps you are looking to flip a house or just want a good deal on one. Whatever the case may be you are in the right place. I am Jason, a Riverside NJ Realtor, and can help you through the process of finding your next home.

foreclosures in Riverside NJ

Riverside NJ holds a lot of opportunity for fix and flips, inexpensive homes for sale, and plenty of opportunities. There are homes for sale in Riverside NJ under $100,000 as well. Imagine that! Some of these make great investments if you are willing to renovate and then rent them out. The possibilities are endless with these properties.

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Flip Homes in Riverside New Jersey

If you would like to flip a home there are a few things to consider since flipping can be a huge success or a big disaster…

  • Buy in Cash. If you can manage it, buy the house in cash. If you need to finance you may have to pay a 20-25% down payment. Then you’ll have mortgage payments on top of the costs to renovate. If you need to finance make sure you crunch some numbers and make sure you can rent out the property for at least as much as the mortgage payment.
  • Be Familiar with the Market. Knowing the market is essential. You’ll need to have a good idea of what homes are selling for. So make sure you are getting a good deal. The renovations should be added in to see how much you are putting in and figure out how much money you are getting back. And in Riverside NJ prices can dramatically vary from street to street.
  • Budget yourself. When looking at homes, don’t just jump at the first one you see. You need to carefully consider how much it will cost to make repairs and renovate. If the home needs a new roof, updated electrical system or new plumbing it can run you dry real quick.

Buy an REO or Foreclosure in Riverside NJ?

People aren’t always looking to flip a house. There are still many opportunities in Riverside NJ to purchase a home for cheap and live for less. You can check out all of the homes for sale in Riverside NJ here. No matter what your Riverside NJ real estate goals I can help. Please contact me today.

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