Get Your Riverside NJ Home Sold

Get your Riverside NJ home sold quickly with my help. I am a Riverside NJ realtor who knows the town! I live, breathe and work Riverside New Jersey Real Estate. My name is Jason Bechtold and I can help you get your Riverside NJ home sold fast! Contact me on the form below because I can find out your home value, come up with a marketing plan and work with you from beginning to end…

Moving can be very stressful but if you plan ahead the process can be smooth. I will make sure of it. To get your Riverside home sold fast there are some things to consider! Check out the costs to sell a house in New Jersey. So, you may be wondering why some words are highlighted as links. Well, they are other articles I’ve written specifically about Riverside New Jersey that may provide you with more information that is helpful. Let’s plan ahead…

Get your Riverside NJ home sold

How much can you get for your house?

The real estate market is always changing. You should see what your home is valued at so you can find your price point. When you list your house the price is extremely important obviously. If listed too high you may not get any showings. If priced too low you may not make as much on the sale as you should. Filling out the form above will allow me to analyze your house and come up with an estimate of value.

Clean up!

Get the house prepared for a sale. Clean up the place. Declutter… get all that old unwanted stuff and trash it or store it somewhere out of sight. They say if you haven’t used something in a year you should get rid of it. Take down family pictures and try to see the house from the eyes of a buyer. Stand at the street and really look at your home. What do you see from the eyes of a buyer?

Where are you going?

Why are you selling your house? Do you have another place to live? Coordinating the buying and selling of a house it essential. You don’t want to find yourself with nowhere to sleep for a time period. I can help you sell and buy and coordinate closings so you can get right into your new place. No hotels or sleeping on friends sofas. So the big question is…

How long will it take to get your Riverside NJ home sold?

The amount of time a house sits on the market is not an easy thing to estimate. There are so many factors that go into it to get your Riverside NJ home sold. In fact, the average time it takes a house to sell in our area is 2 months. If it’s more than that, something is not right and should be addressed. Don’t forget once you have an accepted offer it can take 30-45 days before settlement. Obviously, that’s more waiting. I’d give a rough estimate of 3 months before you can put the whole ordeal in the past. Again, that could be way off depending on the situation. So, how do you get started…

Get Your Riverside NJ Home Sold

A real estate agent sells houses. I am a real estate agent in Riverside NJ. So contact me today and we’ll come up with a game plan for the sale of your house. I’d love to work with you. -Jason

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