Home Value in Delran NJ

What’s your home value in Delran NJ? You may be wondering this because you’re curious or perhaps you are getting ready to sell. Let me give you my “pitch” then we’ll get down to it. I am a real estate agent who lives and works in Delran. If you want to find a realtor to use, why not go local? I’d love to assist you with selling your home!

Home Value in Delran NJ

Finding your Home Value in Delran NJ

The most efficient way to find your home value in Delran NJ is to get an appraisal performed on your house. This will give you an amount as close as possible to what it will sell for. However, an appraisal costs money. The next best thing is to have a real estate agent put together a home valuation by comparing it to recently sold homes in Delran. A real estate professional will consider the homes condition, upgrades, size, location, and style. At that point you can get an idea of what your house will sell for.

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But My House is worth MUCH MORE

Many people will think their home is worth more than it is. That is understandable. They have spent years living in it, took great care of it, made a few upgrades, and they have an emotional attachment to it. When you get ready to sell you’ll want to try to remove the emotional attachment. A potential buyer will be looking for the best deal to get the most for their money. They have no attachment to your home whatsoever. You should try to stay realistic and competitive or you might find your house sitting on the market endlessly.

Check out Recently Sold Homes in Delran

Before contacting a real estate agent you can do a little research yourself. Be aware that those big high ranking real estate websites are full of inaccurate information so I would stay away from those. On my website the listings are taken from my MLS and are accurate. You can check out recently sold homes in Delran. See what the homes sold for and find some similar to yours. You might be able to get a ballpark figure of your home’s worth.

The Price is Up to You

Whatever the value of your house is, the listing price is always up to the seller. No one else can make that call. However, the actual value is what a buyer will pay for it. So that part is out of your hands. You want to get the listing price as close to the unknown “what the buyer will pay” price. If you price too high you may not get any showings and the house will sit on the market too long. If you list too low you may not be getting as much for it as you should. Listing at the right price along with a great marketing plan to get the word out is key. I can work with you through the whole process.

Should I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?

Some choose the path of selling as For Sale By Owner (aka FSBO). This can work but it’s not easy. I wrote a detailed article about how to do it here. The choice is yours but I suggest you read that post first.

What Does it Cost to Sell my Delran Home

Aside from home value, a main concern should be what it can cost you to sell your house. There is a lot involved! This includes paying commissions, closing costs, Certificate of Occupancies, repairs, and much more. Find out EXACTLY what to expect when selling your New Jersey home here.

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