Homes for Sale in Delran in Millside Heights

Below are the homes for sale in Delran in Millside Heights. Millside Heights is a neighborhood in Delran with lots a character and great houses. I grew up in Tenby Chase but now I live with my family in Millside Heights. We love it! If you’re looking to buy real estate in this neighborhood please let me know and we can find your dream home.

Why Buy a Home in Millside Heights?

Millside Heights may be a bit older of a development as, let’s say, Tenby Chase. However, the homes in Millside Heights have some more square footage for that extra space you may be looking for. Also, many of the houses have 4 bedrooms which some may require. You’ll be closer to Delran High School and Millbridge Elementary School if you have children. It’s also very beautiful with established large trees.

Homes for Sale in Delran in Millside Heights

At the bottom of this page you will find the properties available for sale in Millside Heights. If you want to go see one in person just let me know. I’ll get us in so you can see it. I’d love to help you in your home search whether it be in Millside Heights or any town around the area. I’m a realtor who specializes in Delran and the surrounding towns.

Contact Me Directly

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, contact me on the form below so we can get started making your real estate goals come true. My name is Jason Bechtold. I graduated from Delran High School in 1994 and grew up in this great town. I’d love to get to know you!

homes for sale in Delran in millside heights

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Millside Heights in Delran: A drive up Haines Mill Drive.
Millside Heights is on the right. Tenby Chase on the left.

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