Homes for Sale in Delran in Tenby Chase

homes for sale in Delran in Tenby chase

Below are the homes for sale in Delran in Tenby Chase. I had the pleasure of growing up in Tenby Chase and I loved it! So many memories. If you’re thinking about living or moving the Tenby Chase neighborhood then feel free to look at the available listings below. And if you need any real estate help in finding a property in Delran or the surrounding towns, please let me know.

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Homes for Sale in Delran in Tenby Chase

At the bottom of this page you will find all of the homes for sale in Delran in Tenby Chase. These listings are taken directly from my MLS so they are updated and accurate. Unlike, the big sites that show you homes that are coming soon, auctions, and homes that aren’t even on the market anymore, my listings are what a realtor would see. If you would like to know more about me, check out my real estate agent in Delran article.

Memories of Living in Tenby Chase

I grew up on Burning Tree Road in Tenby Chase. As a kid I would ride my bike with my friends all over Delran. We would check out the creeks and patches of woods. I would ride up to the old Cumberland Farms in Cinnaminson, which was a convenience store, to snack on TastyCakes and soda. Sometimes I would go play on the tire playground at Millbridge Elementary School which has long since been torn down.

School was great. Everyone was so close back then. I graduated from Delran High School with most of the same children I had gone to kindergarten with. We still keep the bond and connect on Facebook even to this day. I remember walking to the bus stop and talking with my peers in the freezing winter months. It seemed like forever for the bus to come but then it was warm inside for a comfortable ride to school.

The holidays were very memorable as well. Halloween was an exciting time with the autumn in full swing. All the beautiful trees around would show off their orange, brown and red colors. We would always order a pizza from Milanese Pizza then went out trick or treating. So many houses were decorated. Some even want all out to do a big haunted house attraction using every inch of their front yard. Thanksgiving was a great time as well to enjoy a big turkey dinner, watch football, and catch up with relatives. Christmas is always a cold time of year and we’d hope for a white Christmas which happened a handful of times. Life was nice in Tenby Chase.

Tenby Chase Today

Delran offers many nice neighborhoods with great dwellings. I am partial to Tenby Chase because I grew up there. At one point, I moved away to Arizona for about seven years but found my way back to Delran. I currently live in Millside Heights which is great too! The residences in Millside Heights are a bit older than Tenby Chase. Anywhere you find yourself living in 08075 zip code I know you’ll enjoy the same types of memories that I had.

Tenby Chase Videos

You can follow me on a drive down Tenby Chase Drive and Waterford Drive on the video below. See for yourself what Tenby Chase looks like along with all the nice houses. The Homes for Sale in Delran in Tenby Chase are listed below.

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Tenby Chase in Delran
A drive on Waterford Drive in Tenby Chase

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