Homes Under 100000 in Riverside NJ

If you are looking for homes under 100000 in Riverside NJ you will find them here. Riverside NJ real estate offers lots of opportunities for every need. From inexpensive housing to luxury homes. I’m Jason, a real estate agent in Riverside NJ so please contact me to assist with your needs.

Homes Under 100000 in Riverside NJ

At the bottom of this page you will see all of the homes under 100000 in Riverside NJ. Some are smaller, some are good for fixing up, and some are nice living spaces. If you are looking for a fix and flip you should read my article on foreclosures in Riverside NJ.

Inexpensive Homes for Sale in Riverside NJ

You may want to buy an inexpensive home as an investment property to rent out. Some may want to buy in order to fix it up and resell it which is called house flipping. If you have a small family, need a starter home or are planning on living alone you can find a nice house for cheap. Some of these cheaper homes have only 2 bedrooms.

One thing to look out for is square footage. It seems that in general the smaller the square footage the higher the quality of house. This is compared to a higher square footage where there may be more repairs or cosmetic fix ups needed. So keep that in mind when looking.

In New Jersey, real estate isn’t cheap. That’s why sometimes it’s a good idea to look into purchasing an inexpensive home so you don’t become house poor like many of us. The mortgage and taxes should be less expensive than a bigger and pricier house. In this price range sometimes you can pay cash and not have a mortgage at all! That would be nice!

So there are options for finding homes under 100000 in Riverside NJ. Contact me on the form above whether you are looking to sell your home or want to set up a detailed home search.

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