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Do you want to list your home in Riverside NJ on the real estate market? There comes a time when we have to move on whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, or just moving on. Whatever the case may be I can help. I am a Riverside NJ real estate agent that will get you the most money for your home.

Riverside New Jersey is a great town with lots of character. There are lots of real estate opportunities for all kinds of buyers. It’s a good time to sell your home. So if you’re looking to list your home in Riverside NJ here are some tips.

Tips to List your Home in Riverside NJ


  • Get a Home Value
    • I’m sure you’ve seen your home value on Zillow or one of those big real estate websites. The problem is they are not very accurate. How would they even know the condition of your house? You need a local realtor who knows Riverside New Jersey to see your house in person and run figures and come up with the market value. Get your personal home value here.


  • Know the Costs
    • In my article Costs to Sell a Home in South Jersey I go into detail of what it cost you. To sum it up you will need to pay for closing costs (about 1% of the sales price) and commissions (usually 6%). The commissions should be split for the listing agent and the buyers agent. The buyers agent is the real estate agent who brings a buyer to your home. In addition, you may be asked to pay for repairs after the buyers inspection and sometimes buyers will want you to pay 3-4% to cover their own closing costs.
list your home in riverside nj


  • Clean up
    • Make sure to declutter your house when you decide to list your home in Riverside NJ. Give it a good cleaning. It’s actually ideal to have your house vacant prior to listing on the market so buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there. That’s not always possible but at least you can make it look spacious and clean. Also, check your landscaping. A yard full of weeds that looks messy is not a turn on!


  • Come up with a marketing plan
    • Even before your house gets listed on the market there are things I can do for you. I can distribute flyers around the neighborhood to get a buzz going. I can blog about your home like I’m doing with this article. You can put a coming soon sign on your property. In addition, I will talk to my fellow agents to see if anyone has buyers looking for a house just like yours. And once it hits the market it will be exposed to the whole online world. Holding an open house can also draw in buyers. There are many things I can do for you.

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I can help you sell your home fast in Riverside NJ!

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