Moving from Arizona to New Jersey

Are you thinking about moving from Arizona to New Jersey? You’re in the right place! I worked in real estate in Arizona for several years. Currently, I live in New Jersey working in real estate in South Jersey where I grew up, primarily in Burlington and Camden Counties near Philadelphia.

If you are planning on moving out of the Phoenix area I would definitely recommend that you work with Tammy Adams. She is a top notch realtor in Arizona and I work closely with her even while I’m here in NJ. She can help you sell your current home and get you moving! You don’t just work with her… Tammy is bound to become your good lifelong friend as well!

Since I have lived in both states I can give you the run down on what to expect when moving from Arizona to New Jersey. You may enjoy my other article Moving from the West Coast to South Jersey. Let me begin.

What to Consider When Moving from Arizona to New Jersey

  • Not as Much Sun: As you know, Arizona has bright sunny days almost every days of the year. In New Jersey you will go through all four seasons. Warm summers, coloristic autumns, cold and snow in winter, and lots of springtime flowers and rain.
  • You’ll Find Lots to Do: You won’t be bored after you’ve moved from Arizona to New Jersey. There are day trips to Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City, and the shore all at the tips of your fingertips. Great retail shops and restaurants are around every corner. You’ll also get to experience Wawa!
  • The Food is Amazing: Being a native of NJ and moving to Arizona I came to the realization that the food just wasn’t as good in my opinion (except perhaps the Mexican food). Being back in New Jersey opened up my eyes back up to tons of delicious food options.
  • You’ll See Green: There’s a reason they call NJ the Garden State. It’s full of tall trees, forests, farms and gardening. We are known for our tomatoes!
  • Never Pump Your Own Gas Again: There are a few unique qualities about New Jersey. Someone else pumps your gas for you so you don’t have to get out of the car when it’s cold. On the roads you’ll encounter Jug Handles.

Let me know your real estate goals. Between Tammy and I, we can make moving from Arizona to New Jersey flawless. Please fill out the form below to get in touch.

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