Moving from the West Coast to South Jersey

Are you moving from the west coast to South Jersey, or thinking about it? There are many reasons you may be looking relocate. Perhaps moving for a job? Family reasons? Whatever the case may be, you are at the right place. And I can help you with your move!

moving from the west coast to south jersey

Moving from the west coast to South Jersey is a huge change. But I’m confident it is a good one! Things are much different out here. Take it from me. I grew up in South Jersey, moved to Arizona for 7 years, then moved back to South Jersey in the town I grew up in… Delran. You may already have read up on the benefits of moving to South Jersey but I will give you the highlights in case you didn’t.

10 Reasons to Move to South Jersey

  • Beaches
    • Whether you want a relaxing walk along the beach or a wild time on the New Jersey boardwalks you’ll find it within an hour or two. We in South Jersey love our day trips to the shore!
  • Seasons
    • Yes, we get all four seasons and they are wonderful. Beautiful sunny summer days, colorful picturesque autumn’s, winters with fresh fallen snow and springtime when all is in bloom.
  • Wawa
    • You may not have heard of Wawa but it’s the goto place for all your convenient store needs. What’s the big deal about a convenient store? You’ll need to try it out to find out. You can get food made to order, fill up on gas, and pick up some delicious Tastykakes.
  • New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City
    • All within reach, these cities are great for day trips. Explore all of the great things they have to offer. And don’t forget Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. which are also nearby.
  • Amazing Food
    • When I lived on the west coast I really had to do my research to find delicious food. Here in South Jersey there is an abundance of all different delicacies. Around every corner you’ll find mom and pop shops that can make some great food. We also have pork roll, Philly cheesesteaks and pizza! Yum! And don’t forget the famous Jersey diners.

5 More to go…

  • Culture, History and Arts
    • Since South Jersey is right across the bridge from Philadelphia there is no lack of great culture and history. Especially since Philadelphia is the birthplace of the nation. Even right here in South Jersey there are always concerts, plays and art shows happening.
  • The Garden State
    • We are called the Garden State for a reason. You can grow almost anything! There are farms galore and fresh produce everywhere you go. Healthy and delicious!
  • Sports
    • Sports are huge in South Jersey. I do have to say most people are supportive of the Philadelphia teams. In North Jersey they tend to side with the New York teams.
  • Wild Nightlife
    • There is plenty to do in the way of nightlife in South Jersey. There are bands, dance clubs, dining, and lots of trendy bars!
  • Have someone else pump your gas
    • In South Jersey you don’t have to pump your own gas. So on those cold winter nights when you are running low you can have someone else stand in the cold. 🙂

Moving from the West Coast to South Jersey

Now that you know what to expect when you’re moving from the West Coast to South Jersey, you’ll want to know where to live. That’s where I come in! I can help your with your relocation. I mostly work in Burlington and Camden Counties so please contact me if you’d like assistance with your move. Traveling isn’t a problem for me but if it’s too far I can interview real estate agents for you to find the perfect one. Start checking out homes by searching below and reach out if you have any questions about moving from the West Coast to South Jersey.

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