Real Estate Agent in Delran NJ

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Delran NJ? Well, look no further. My name is Jason Bechtold and I am a Delran realtor who was born and raised in this great town. I currently live in Millside Heights with my wife and three daughters. We love it!

real estate agent in delran nj
That’s me!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Delran High School in 1994. Then I went on to college to Temple University where I studied music. After college I actually got a job working at Temple in the choir department. I worked there for about 11 years as the choir department manager. At that point my wife got relocated for her work to the Phoenix Arizona area. We moved, but not without hesitation. I really did not want to leave New Jersey.

Delran NJ realtor

We moved to the city of Maricopa which is an up and coming city within commuting distance to the Phoenix area. It was all new, clean and beautiful… but it wasn’t NJ. Plus it was very hot for my taste. In my seven years living there I got into real estate and learned the business the best I could. It took a while to get off the ground but I managed. Then in 2018 my father passed away and for personal reasons we had to move back to New Jersey. Of course we wanted nothing more than to be back in Delran. I began my search for homes for sale in Delran NJ.

The move was a big one. We had to coordinate selling our house in Arizona, buy a house in Delran, and have my wife find a new job so we could be approved for a mortgage. I also had to pack the whole house and drive a truck across the country with my daughter and my dog. We pulled it off and successfully made the move.

Delran nj real estate agent

Delran Realtor… here I come

While in New Jersey I had to start from scratch in real estate. I had to pass the real estate license exam again and begin my journey as a New Jersey real estate agent. The basics are the same but the paperwork is slightly different. Now I’ve achieved what I always wanted and that is to be a real estate agent in Delran NJ.

You’ll find lots of information on my Delran page here, including homes for sale, videos and great articles.

I’d love to assist you with buying or selling a home. I won’t be satisfied unless you are happy! If you want to see some reviews on me check out my testimonials section. Fill out the form below to contact me.

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