Sell your Deceased Estate Home in South Jersey

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you need to sell your deceased estate home in South Jersey. This is always a rough time, having to deal with the loss of a loved one. To make it worse you have to tie up the loose ends of their death. What do you do with their things? What do you do with their house? Cars?

Since I am a real estate agent in South Jersey I would like to provide some information that might help you sell your deceased estate home in South Jersey.

What do I need to Sell Deceased Estate Home in South Jersey?

Sell your Deceased Estate Home in South Jersey

In order to sell a home in South Jersey you need to be the one who holds the power to actually sell it. This can be the executor of the estate or even the beneficiaries in some instances. If you are the executor you will need to provide a real estate agent (like me) proof that are you able to sell the home. These documents will include the will, death certificate and short certificate.

Once you know you have the right to sell the home… STOP! There are things to consider.

  • Price to list – A real estate agent can give you a ballpark figure on where to price it. An appraisal is a more official figure but you’ll need to pay to have one done. When all is said and done YOU are the one who decides the list price. However, the VALUE of the home is determined by the real estate market. As in, what it sells far. Keep in mind the costs to sell a home in New Jersey as well.
  • Preparation – It’s ideal to have the estate home totally empty prior to listing it on the market. It’s not absolutely necessary but it’s good to have an empty canvas where a buyer can imagine their own belongings in it, and how they will dress it up. I suggest distributing all of the personal possessions that family would like (unless otherwise stated in the will) then having an estate sale company hold an estate sale for you. They can usually make arrangements to empty out the remaining items from the house.
  • Repairs – What kind of condition is the home in? Try reading upkeep on my South Jersey home for ideas. I recommend a professional cleaning and any small repairs of items that are not functioning properly. It’s not suggested to make major renovations but putting some elbow grease into fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a rusty water heater will be worth it. Also, a coat of paint or some new carpets can make the home look like new again and aren’t so expensive.
  • Costs to Sell – I won’t go deep into this because I already have a detailed article. It’s called Costs to Sell a House in South Jersey. So click that one for more info.

Listing the Estate of the Deceased

Once the home is on the market the word will get out to the world. It will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that feeds most internet websites like Zillow and Trulia along with adding the home to searches already setup with other Realtors that have buyers looking in that area. It’s an extremely valuable tool only available to licensed real estate professionals. I personally like to hold open houses, post flyers around the neighborhood, and write articles on the home to get even more exposure.

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Do I Need to Disclose that Someone Died in the House?

No. If someone died in their home in New Jersey it does not need to be disclosed. Some worry that it may scare away potential buyers. As a real estate agent in New Jersey I can tell you that a death in the house is not a material fact about the house itself. It won’t affect its value and does not need to be told to any potential buyers.

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