Where to Start?

Are you thinking you want to sell your home in Burlington or Camden Counties? Well, it is a big step. There are a few things to think about when selling in New Jersey. What is your moving timeline? How much are the costs to sell a home in New Jersey? Will you need to sell your current home first before getting a new one which will leave a gap in time where you do not have a place to stay? We can help you arrange the buying and selling closing dates so you are not left temporarily homeless.

Map out your Timeline

Will you be able to price your home just right so it sells quickly and doesn’t sit on the market for months? If listed strategically you should be able to find just the right price to bring in the buyers but not be so low that you are missing out on money. Keep in mind, if it’s priced too low it should sell quickly but you may be missing out on thousands of dollars. If priced too high it may not get showings and will be sitting on the market indefinitely. I can provide information to make sure you price it just right to reach your goals.

How Can We Help?

It’s not all about price. What can we do to market your property? In addition to listing your home on the MLS (the most powerful home search platform) we will write a catchy description, take beautiful photos, hold open houses, and deliver high quality flyers. But most of all we will use our online expertise to get the word out. We will put together a top notch marketing plan so you will be confident saying, “I will sell my home in Burlington or Camden County!”.

Preparing your Home to List

More to think about… I suggest prior to listing you should make any small repairs that may be an issue to a potential buyer. I don’t recommend paying lots of money to do any major work but the choice is yours. A little painting goes a long way. Do a full cleaning and definitely declutter! Take down family photos and try to start making your home look more spacious. Walk out to your street and take a good look at your house. How is the curb appeal? You may need to trim a few bushes and do some yard cleanup. Also, think about if you have had any renovations or improvements which could increase the value of your New Jersey home.

Get your free home value and get your home in Burlington or Camden County SOLD…