South Jersey Realtor for the Indonesian Community

My wife, Lisa, is Indonesian (from Sumatra) so I get exposed quite often to the Indonesian culture. We had moved away from South Jersey to Arizona from 2011-2018 and met lots of Indonesian friends. I became a realtor and helped many people buy or sell their home. Now we have moved back home and I would like to help you as your South Jersey Realtor for the Indonesian Community.

We love meeting new people in the South Jersey Indonesian community. It’s great to find new friendships and share memories. We have many connections into the Indonesian Community in South Jersey and Philadelphia. We love to shop for Indonesian groceries at Pendawa. Also, Sky Cafe is great to enjoy Indo cuisine. We also know many people who cook from home. Indonesia food is great!

Let’s connect! Email me and tell me your story. What brought you to South Jersey? Do you have many Indonesian friends here?

I’d also love to help you buy or sell a home in South Jersey. If English is a barrier my wife can translate for us. We’ll make it work.

South Jersey Realtor for the Indonesian Community

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