What is it Like Living in Delran NJ?

Are you thinking about moving to Delran? If so, you may be wondering what it is like living in Delran NJ. My name is Jason Bechtold. I grew up in this town, moved to Arizona for a few years after college, then moved back. I missed it a lot when I was away. Currently, I am a real estate agent in Delran NJ and feel so lucky and grateful to be able to do what I love in the town I love.

what is it like living in delran nj

What is it like to live in Delran NJ?

Growing up in Delran was great. There are many things that others who grew up here cherish. For instance, hearing Mister Softee driving up your street and running out to get ice cream. Or smelling freshly cut lawns while out playing with friends in the heat of the summer. Bike rides, late night games of jailbreak, snowball fights, and just the overall small town living with great people.

Now as an adult I have other concerns that I like to find answers to. What’s the real estate market look like? Is Delran safe? What are the pros and cons of living in Delran? What would make someone want to move to Delran? Just an FYI, the other areas I work in are also similar in case you’re wondering what it is like living in Cinnaminson, Palmyra, Riverton, Riverside, or Delanco.

Should You Move to Delran?

Yes! Delran always has been a nice town. It’s very sports oriented with some successful athletes raised here such as Bill Duff, Nate Hemsley, Carli Lloyd, John Sacca, and Tony Sacca. If you go to the local tavern you can usually hear stories of high school football games from years ago.

If you have children you may be wondering about the school system. You can see all of the schools with video, ratings, and info here. It was very exciting to move back into Delran and have my children attend the same schools I went to as a kid.

There’s plenty of things to do, retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment right here in town. We also have doctors, an urgent care, and anything you need. Some may wonder when moving if there are hospitals around. There are hospitals within 20 minutes of Delran. That’s the great thing about South Jersey. The location is great. There’s an unlimited amount of things to do and see.

Moving to Delran

If you plan on moving to Delran, it’s a good idea to use a local real estate agent. I can assist you in many ways. If you are relocating and can’t get out to see homes for sale in Delran NJ I can provide virtual tours of the whole property. I’ll always be honest and keep you as my top priority. I go above and beyond to make sure your home buying experience is a good one.

What is it like living in Delran NJ?

Ask me anything you’d like to know! 🙂

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